Luca Haseli


Starting as a little boy in his mothers dance school, Luca Häseli dedicates his life to Hip-Hop Dance ever since. With his own dance group „Focus Crew“, he won the title „Swiss Streetdance Champion“ in 2010 and 2011, followed by many further titles in national and international Shows and Competitions. As a finalist in the TV-Show „Switzerland’s got talent“ („Die grössten Schweizer Talente“), Luca and his group reached national recognition.
To push his passion for dance, Luca went to LA to work with widely known dancers and choreographers in famous studios like „Debbie Reynold’s“ or „Movement Lifestyle Studio“.
After his successful graduation in business and economics from the University of Basel, he decided to fully dedicate his life to dance and make it his profession. Therefore he started the „Bachelor in College of Higher Education and Training“ for urban and contemporary stage dance in Zurich, where he was trained in different dance styles, such as Hip Hop, Popping, House, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz Dance, Breakdance, and many more.
Next to the work with his own dance group, he performed as a contemporary and ballet dancer in different operas and contemporary dance productions for worldwide known choreographers such as Foofwa D’Immobilité, Francesca Harper and Ismael Ivo. Currently, he’s dancing for the Swiss National Circus.
As a dance teacher, he has been teaching for many years at his own dance school called „Dance Tower Hip Hop School“. He’s also a teacher at Tanzwerk101 in Zurich and teaches national and international workshops.