Luca Valenti


Luca Valenti (Rome, 24 November 1998) is a singer-songwriter. American from his mother’s side, Italian from his father’s. His American origins brought him to have Soul, Blues and Rock influences, in his Pop sounds. He has developed most of his musical influences in the U.S. His biggest devotion is composing and singing, for which he uses the piano, his 1° instrument, and the guitar, his 2° instrument. 

Coming back from the U.S he learned the basics of the guitar and used them to write his first song “What you did” for an audition at the 1Star agency owned by Ricky Palazzolo. After six months of intense artistic development he decided to sing for the first time on stage as a solo artist, and participated to a singing contest in his town.  After causing the excitement of little professionals of the music business, he was encouraged to keep investing in his talent. Feeling the urgency of improving his singing skills and piano skills he started to look for professional teachers. After many, he meat Silvia Colombini, lyrical singer and Angela Chiofalo, piano instructor at Padova’s conservatory Cesare Pollini. Meanwhile he continued his artistic ripening followed by the Indie Label Overlook Italia, which discovered him online, and started to write and collect songs for his debut album. In that moment he realized he wanted to have a sharp and defined character as a singer and a performer. Thanks to this experience he was able to develop his writing, singing and performance skills till finding the key of his artistic identity. In 2014 he took part to the TV show’s Italia’s Got Talent’s auditions, making it to the judges. In that circumstance he singed his own song “Pain” accompanying  himself with the guitar. He received positive feedback from all of the judges and the executive producers decided to signal him to the XFactor production. Meanwhile he was called to sing the soundtracks of Veronica Pivetti’s first directed movie called “Nè Giulietta Nè Romeo”, singing the voice of Jody McGee, singer character. He took part to the promotion of the movie at the Giffoni Film Festival in the summer of 2015. In the same month he singed in the national singer-songwriters contest Video Festival Live with his own song “Where will you go?”. He won the show broadcasted on Canale Italia, National TV, awarded by the known discographer Mara Maionchi. Meanwhile he participated to  The XFactor where he was acclaimed for his determination, his warm and yet powerful tone and, despite the young age, his professional performance skills with which he arrived to the last stages of the show. An experience that helped relate himself to the cameras and the TV’s world. Due to his American origins and background he writes his lyrics in English. He has been appreciated by the public on his social media due to his originality in cover songs that show his constant vocal growth. He has been involved in the international Disney series “Alex&co 3” set to be aired on January 2017 as one of the main characters. 
Luca Valenti is open-minded and passionate about every project he works on. He likes to participate to the production of the arrangements and to give his inputs and visions on his songs. He has a wide repertoire of evergreens and original songs accompanied by his own musicians.