Noemi Drake


Noemi started dancing at 4 yrs. old in the classics, Modern, Tap and Ballet. From there on she progressed quickly and with a deep love. At this young age and the beginning of her carer Noemi would practise till she had achieved and mastered a move that was beyond her, then she would progress on to the next. She always looked forward and never gave up. She has a thirst for dancing, singing and acting and will not stop till she has improved on her skills. At 16 she was granted a place at Performers college on their Pre-vocational course for a year, she was lucky enough to appear at the 2014 FA cup final as part of the opening ceremony. At 17 she secured a place at Masters Performing Arts on their 3-year diploma, this included singing, acting and a variety of new dance styles, yet progressing further in the classics. During her time at Masters she appeared at the 2015 Ruby cup final, and performed in various in-house productions, these included Little Shop of Horrors, Masters Raw and Masters Regeneration. Noemi is excited and driven as to what the future holds for her.