Pixelhaus Studios

We take time to build a solid foundation of in-depth knowledge about your business, your markets, your customers and your competitors before even a single line of code is contemplated. Because meaningless flashy images won’t win sales or help you to break into new markets, everything we do is driven by a professional marketing approach and fully focussed on delivering income to your business. Our team of experienced specialists includes acknowledged experts in Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Commercial Photography and Video, Graphic Design, Website Usability, E-Commerce, Customer Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, Copywriting and both digital and traditional Illustration. In a nutshell, we don’t merely ‘do websites’; We provide marketing-led, goal-oriented internet solutions to deliver real results for your business. Pixelhaus’ experience in providing elegant, integrated marketing and web solutions spans three decades. Our considerable combined experience with diverse clients such as Argos, Debenhams, Liverpool Victoria, John Lewis and HSBC has driven the evolution of our own ethos: Less is more; Simple is good; Clarity is king. Focus, expertise and crystal clear vision enable us to deliver solutions whose surface simplicity belies the sophistication beneath. And the name ? We named the company after the Weimar Bauhaus, arguably the most influential school of design of the 20th century. Their mantra was always that ‘form follows function’. In other words: keep it simple! Pixelhaus was formed in 1993 as a catalogue and advertising photographic studio, but diversified into direct mail, graphic design and the emerging internet in the late 1990’s. Since then we have focused primarily on web development. Our key areas include content managed web development using platforms including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Silverstripe & CMSMS plus Ecommerce development using Magento, Opencart, Sellerdeck and Big Commerce. Naturally, we provide all of the ancillary services you would expect from a web specialist including graphic design, corporate ID, photography, video , SEO, email marketing and social media. Although many of our web design clients are based in Dorset, we also have numerous clients both nationally and internationally. We are small team of 10 professionals with founder, Richard Gosler (creative director) as your point of contact and creative lead on all projects.