Tyreece Carlos


Tyreece Carlos was born in Leicester city in 2001 and moved down to Dorset at the age of 5. Starting off at the age of 7 Tyreece enjoyed going to his school discos with his inspirational moves coming from Michael Jackson videos. Tyreece never had the thought of going to dance classes but his mum saw potential and wanted him to go to a local dance school in Christchurch called Mad4dance. Since growing up at Mad4dance Tyreece has been in a variety of shows such as the annual chance to dance show, yearly mad4dance showcase and on a wider range mad4dance has took Tyreece to venues such as Her Majesty Theatre London and the stage of Disneyland Paris. But all good things must come to an end so after 7 years at Mad4dance Tyreece moved to attend Shake in January 2017. Tyreece appeared in Shakes yearly showcase but is yet to show his full potential. Tyreece aims in the future to be apart of the shake team and then in his later years attend a dance college to follow his dream of becoming a professional dancer and choreographer and thanks to Tim Seward Management Tyreece is one step closer to his dreams and performing across the UK as a solo artist